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As a média, content publisher, e-commerce company, social media, customer support, you'll love BotFather

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Give new reasons to your leads to choose you. Messaging platforms are more popular than social networks. With a bot, your audience does not need to install a new app.

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Create strong value for your audience, wherever they are. It's easier to retain users, employing the tools they know and are accustomed to use.

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Provide your audience the messages they are waiting for, with the right timingt. Broadcast message to user segments or start news individual conversations.

Rich conversations that bring you closer to your customers.
Chatbots are the new apps.

A single Bot, all messenger platforms.

BotFather deploys your smart Chatbot on the major messenger platforms as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Whatsappsoon, Skype, or Viber.

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Measure your performance

Acquisition/retention performance analysis, conversations and satisfaction tracked. You have access to every conversation engaged with your audience et you define the KPI to track through our intuitive BotFather dashboard interface.

A single interface to talk with all your customers

BotFather allows you to centralize from a unique place all the conversations engaged with your customers, wherever it takes place (from Facebook, Intercom, Telegram, Whatsapp, Skype, etc). You can broadcast message to a particular user segment or engage individual conversations with your customers. Boost your response latency and encourage your user to take action.

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Chatbot by BotFather

We are Chatbots developer specialists (Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing). Whatever is the option you choose, you take advantage of our expertise and know-how in this area. Your bot is always up-to-date to the latests improvement we continously add to our proprietary platform in order for your bot to respond always smarter than ever to your audience.

We know how to build smooth conversationnal flows that will just fit perfectly with your users and we already have a steady and powerful platform to turn it live in a moment.

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